Summer Camp

Painting the Humanure Outhouse

Summer Camps

Knowing that our young people will lead the way in changing the world, we offer a Summer Camp for up to 18 young people aged 12-14 and 15-16 who are willing to learn about and live an eco-life while sharing their cultures, ideas, passions and experience in an entrepreneurial environment.

Camps are conducted in English and special ESL classes offered every morning for youth whose first language is not English. Those who speak English will have the opportunity to be a "language buddy" for their global friends and at the same time, learn about their cultures.

Youth learn how to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and experience a "zero-carbon" existence by practicing such things as growing their own organic food, using composting/humanure toilets, practicing water conservation, (we use rainwater recovery so monitoring and being "aware" of water levels and usage is critical), and recycling, recycling, recycling. They will also work in smaller groups and concentrate on major "specialized" projects such as constructing a straw-bale house (shed), researching, designing and building a wood-fired community clay oven, community greenhouse/permaculture environment, indoor or outdoor manufactured wetland/living machine for grey-water treatment, or any number of other "hands-on" learning projects.

Learning how to come up with great ideas, solve problems and create opportunities are all outcomes for youth that attend the camps. This is the heart of successful entrepreneurship - identifying a problem, coming up with a solution and creating an opportunity for a sustainable business.

And of course there is time for all kinds of social activities like outdoor campfires, hikes, swimming, fishing, golfing, and excursions to beautiful sites in Saskatchewan.

The camp is operated at Praxis International Institute's environmentally "green" campus in the eco-village at Craik.


Camp dates:

July 5th - July 17th
(12-14 year olds)

August 9th - August 21st
(15-16 year olds)

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