Our Programs

We offer several programs including:

High "er" school for youth from around the world - Praxis International Institute offers an in-depth, practical and applied education for globally minded youth. In addition to facilitators, we work with practicing professionals, business owners and leaders, and community members to provide our learners with theoretical and real life knowledge and experience.

Themed Summer Camp - Building on the premise that our young people will lead the way in the new "green" paradigm shift, we offer a one week "Summer Eco-Camp" for young adults.

Custom Designed Camp - We can custom design a program for your school group - with program lengths customized to your school break .

English Language Preparation - Praxis Make Perfect! Youth who have recently graduated from high school and need to increase their language levels to enter post secondary institutions, now have a residential English immersion option available to them. Young people entering a public Saskatchewan high school might want to take preparatory English before attending full time classes in the fall.