Founder's Message

Welcome to Praxis International Institute

...where youth live and learn!


We established this place of learning because of our desire to create an environment that challenges people to ask questions; find solutions and implement their ideas. We want to provide an environment where creativity, "thinking outside the box" and learning diversity are the norm.

The world is quickly shrinking and the importance of working across cultures is a critical skill for our next generation. We incorporate that philosophy by welcoming youth from around the world to live and learn together, thereby creating cross cultural understanding.

The enterprise economy is flourishing and needs people inspired to make change. Entrepreneurship is a key focus for us because it helps people become explorers and innovators - excellent skills for our future economy.

Effective use of technology in business and design applications is necessary for success in both the job and entrepreneurship markets today and in the future. We provide access to the latest versions of well known software and facilitate learning how to create programs and applications.

Living within an ecovillage and using environmentally sustainable methods brings the reality of taking care of our planet, into the everyday living of our students.  They learn and create ways to keep themselves and their earth happy and healthy.

We believe that each person has within them the capacity to excel in the right learning environment where they are able to pursue their learning passions independently and in groups. Entrepreneurship, technology, global citizenry and environmental sustainability are critical areas of learning. 

We are a place where skilled problem solvers, innovators, agents of change and future leaders have a chance to flourish.

We are the high"er" school that thinks differently and we look forward to welcoming you.



Brent Kreuger, Founder and Lifelong Learner
Praxis International Institute