Our Learning Environment

InstructorOur team is here to make the journey of all of learners as rewarding and challenging as possible.

Facilitator Qualifications

Above all, anyone who works with us must be passionate about working with youth and with supporting their learning. Most of our facilitators have degrees and all have experience in the fields they practice. They are trained to work with youth in a way that supports their learning style show they learn and challenges their potential. We also have practitioners such as entrepreneurs, artists or engineers who work with students and illustrate what it is like to be in their field.

Small Group / Self Directed Learning

We work with small groups of learners, allowing them to accomplish more in a shorter time and to focus on areas they feel passionate about. Facilitators can assist more effectively, resulting in more time for creative projects and research and independent study. For people preparing to go on to post secondary, they have a better research and writing skillset necessary for post secondary learning.


We believe learning takes place everywhere - not just in a classroom. We have movable couches, tables, conversation circles, outdoor spaces and independent learning spaces - all designed to increase dialogue and better learning through interaction among learners.


Learners actively create, research and undertake projects in a direct application of their learning. This results in higher levels of understanding and retention. Evaluation is progressive and participatory, ensuring that learners understand what they are working on, not just studying for, writing an exam and moving on. They also learn how to do self evaluations -a skill that will help them in anything post secondary, whether work, education, entrepreneurship or raising a family. We do not believe examinations are the best way to assess learning so they are used sparingly.

Given our location, there is ample opportunity to take part in outdoor activities such as cross country skiing, biking, boating and water skiing, golf, outdoor survival trips, film and photography.

We are Experiential!