International Student Support

Praxis International Institute welcomes all international students.  If you attend grades 10, 11 and 12, you will qualify to apply to one of several Canadian universities without completing an English entrance exam.  When you complete grade 12, you will receive a high school diploma.

If You Need Help

We do our best to offer students and their families assistance in sorting through the Visa requirements of the Canadian government.  Studying in Canada provides excellent information on the process of application and what is required.

Study Permit processing times vary from country to country.  Families are advised to submit their visa application as soon as possible.  To help expedite the process, we recommend that you gather all documents needed for the visa application prior to the acceptance letter from Praxis International Institute.  In this way, your visa application can be sent immediately upon receipt of the school acceptance letter.

If you need our personal assistance, please let us know .


If you need our personal assistance we are ready and most willing to help.

International callers please phone us at +1.306.664.0500 or phone us toll-free within North America at 1.877.664.0500. 

You may also email us for assistance at admissions