High School


Praxis International Institute offers an alternative education designed to prepare students for the world that they will eventually inherit, and, in collaboration with other approved Saskatchewan educational institutions, support for the completion of the traditional government approved high school curriculum. In both cases we offer an in-depth, practical and applied education to students from around the world. In addition to teachers, we work with practicing professionals, business owners and leaders, and community members to provide our students with both theoretical and real life knowledge and experience.

While we consider the Saskatchewan government curriculum when working with learners, we think outside the box of traditional education and enhance the curriculum with our own teaching approach and subject matter. We are looking for young people interested in understanding and practicing being a global citizen; learning how to create ideas and think critically; actively participating in the community; working with technology; and building their entrepreneurial toolkit.

Although we do not provide Saskatchewan Education credits directly, if learners wish to earn them they can do one of two things: prepare for and write departmental exams set by the provincial government and/or work with our distance educational partner to earn the credits they are interested in.

For learners wishing to continue on to post secondary education, they can use the credits earned through the process above; create an educational portfolio (sampling of their work and achievements); write entrance exams or any combination of the above. We can work with the individual to achieve the goals they set out for themselves.

For prospective international learners, Praxis is an English immersion school. Students whose first language is not English will have access to tutors and language coaches if needed.

Semesters: Our school year currently runs from September to June with the first semester starting in September and the second semester in February. There are several national and provincial holidays we observe during the year as well.

Focused on excellence, students learn in a student centred environment with opportunity to build on their interests and passions while studying an enhanced Saskatchewan high school curriculum.