What You Will Learn


Minimum Requirements

Completion of these courses meet the strict requirements for university or college acceptance.

Mandatory Courses (12)

  • Grade 10 (Level 10)
    • History
    • Mathematics
    • English Language Arts 10A
    • English Language Arts 10B
    • Science
    • Wellness
  • Grade 11 (Level 20)
    • International Studies
    • Mathematics
    • English Language Arts
  • Grade 12 (Level 30)
    • Canadian Studies
    • English Language Arts 30A
    • English Language Arts 30B

Elective Courses (12 required)

  • Physical Education
  • Sciences (2)
  • Practical Arts and Applied Arts (2)
  • Other Electives (7)

Our Pillars in Practice


Effective use of technology in business and design applications is necessary for success in the job market and as an entrepreneur. We provide access to the latest versions of well known business software for completing projects. Learners take basic coding so they are able to develop and understand the emerging world of technology. We are also committed to minimizing paper flow by utilizing electronic applications whenever possible, thereby supporting a greener world. Managing and participating in social media as a means of communication is also part of our learnings.

Global Citizenry

Future employment, education or entrepreneurship will be in an increasingly global environment. As such, we research, discuss and experience international issues through learning groups, dialogue, multi media and community work. Cross cultural learning occurs in a safe environment by growing our culturally diverse school body.


Our entrepreneurship program is based upon our successful post secondary program that has seen literally hundreds of adult graduates launch real businesses. By combining practical learning about venture creation with meeting and working with entrepreneurs, students gain the business and personal skills that will help them either run their own business or work effectively in an organization. We focus on building sustainable and socially responsible enterprises. Students will be able to design small enterprises while in school and see first hand how to build something that is successful.

Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to build and occupy an eco friendly campus and live in an environmentally responsible way enables learners to not only study about, but to actually experience how they can live with a minimal carbon footprint. As we build the campus further we will be adding such things as underground greenhouses and aquaponics so students can learn how to grow their own fresh food rich in flavour and nutrients all year long. They will also have the opportunity to be part of the design and build of new buildings.